Klinker & Ziegelwerk

Brickwork patterns

The choice of pattern used for a wall has an enormous effect upon its final appearance. There are many different design possibilities and there is no wrong choice;  it is entirely a matter of taste. The following are the most commonly used patterns:

Stretcher course:

Gillrath Mauerwerksverband Laeuferverband

The stretchers will be shifted by a quarter or a half brick length.

Block bond:

Gillrath Mauerwerksverband Blockverband

Stretcher course’s and header course’s alternate.

Cross bracing:

Gillrath Mauerwerksverband Kreuzverband

Similar to the block bond except the fourth course (or every second stretcher course) is moved by half a brick.

Gothic arrangement:

Gillrath Mauerwerksverband Gothischer Verband

Stretcher  and header courses alternate, but the bricks on every course are shifted by a quarter of a brick length.

Wild arrangement:

Gillrath Mauerwerksverband Wilder Verband

This is an irregular bond. Some headers will be placed sporadically, but no more than five stretchers should be placed consecutively.


Cross bracing:

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Wild arrangement:

Erkelenz Baumschulenweg 01

Stretcher course:

Gillrath Muster 03