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10 great reasons to build with bricks

  1. History

    Clay bricks have been used in building over thousands of years. Even today there is no comparable building material, making bricks desirable and sought-after in the construction business.

  2. Healthy internal environment

    As bricks are made of natural materials they do not give off any harmful  emissions. Brick buildings can help contribute towards healthy living conditions.

  3. Value stability

    Brick buildings are built to last – they can be enjoyed for many generations.

  4. Low maintenance

    There is no additional maintenance needed, such as rot removal or repainting.

  5. Fire resistant

    Bricks provide the perfect fire protection because, as part of their production process, they are fired at temperatures of up to 1,200 ° C.

  6. The four elements

    Bricks are made from water, fire, earth and wind.  As such they are able to withstand the elements of nature and environmental impact with more resilience than most other building materials.

  7. Eco-friendly

    Brick making has great respect for the environment. As brick is made entirely of natural materials it’s easily recyclable ( for example, ground brick can be used for tennis courts). In our manufacturing process we have no waste products (except packaging); all water is recycled and reused; a 535 kwp solar panel provides electricity; our carbon dioxide emissions are well below EU recommendations; and our clay pit is being returned to a natural state complete with fruit trees and meadow flowers.

  8. No mould growth

    Brick has the ability to quickly expel water because it contains many small pores. For this reason mould growth is naturally inhibited.

  9. Energy management

    Internal heating costs can be much lower in a brick building because the bricks themselves retain and preserve heat. Similarly, in summer, the brick serves as a protection from outside temperatures and provides cooler indoor living.

  10. Flexibility

    It is easy to make changes to brick constructions – to add or remove parts of the building.

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