Page 111 - Gillrath Edition IV - EN
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                  Special formats & shaped bricks
For buildings with an unconven- tional shape, the use of shaped bricks for corners with acute or obtuse angles is indispensable.
However it is not only in cor- ners where the use of irregu- larly shaped bricks can be ap- propriate. Ornamentation may also call for non-standard or customised brick products.
In the preservation of historical monuments and old churches, specially shaped bricks have been employed as a design ele- ment on window or gate arch- es. Reproducing these bricks can be a great challenge.
Not only must the shape be replicated, but the same raw mate-
rial and burning colour must be used
to achieve success.
We are also specialised in the production of fireplace bricks.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require more informa- tion or wish to discuss a particu- lar project you have in mind.

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