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  Högersche layer
A popular element of masonry ornamentation is the Högersche Layer. Named after the famous architect of brick expression- ism, Fritz Höger, these projec- tions and recesses lend the structure a certain liveliness despite this being a simple tech- nique. Högersche Layers are also known as ‘ribbing’ or ‘fluting’.
Gillrath produces two brick profiles with a depth of 13.5cm and 9cm. The use of alternate courses of these differing depth bricks creates offsets in the masonry. Natural shadows intensify the contrast.
Fritz Höger (1877 -1949)
Fritz Höger is one of the best known exponents of brick expres- sionism. Among his most impor- tant designs are the Sprinkenhof in Hamburg, the Anzeiger Tower in Hanover and the Rathaus Rus- tringen in Wilhelmshaven.
The ‚Zweischalige Wand‘ Associa- tion, of which Gillrath is a mem- ber, presents an annual award for brick buildings in Höger’s name.

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