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    Clinker brick slips
The 1.5 cm tile alternative to facing bricks
Gillrath manufacturers more than just the traditional facing brick. For a number of years now we have produced a 1.5cm deep, flat brick slip which has been used on numerous buildings throughout Europe, delivering a veneer with the same desirable design features as a traditional brick wall. The Rheinischer ring-kiln slips are not easily recognised because they
are manufactured to look identi- cal to a normal facing brick.
Today brick slips are often at- tached to a thermal insulation composite system such as the ETICS - pre-fabricated build- ing systems comprising thermal insulation and construction ma- terials. The ETICS is crowned with our split bricks, providing the flattest gem we know of!
All the impressive features of the facing brick are equally applicable to the brick slips: weather resistance, fire pro- tection and desirability.
O O u u r r b b r r i i c c k k s s l l i i p p s s a a r r e e m m a a n n u u f f a a c c t t u u r r e e d d i i n n p p a a i i r r s s . . R Ro o u u n n d d clay dowels are used to separate the thin tiles dur- ing the manufacturing and firing process.
On completion the dowels are me- chanically discarded leaving
t t w w o o v ve e r r y y s si i m m i i l l a a r r b b r r i i c c k k s s l l i i p p s s . .

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