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The heart of the plant:
The historic ring kiln
As the last producing ring kiln in North Rhine-Westphalia and one of the few remaining in Germany, the Gillrath brickworks‘ ring kiln is a rarity and and the distinctive and spectacular clinker bricks are highly sought-after.
Our clinker bricks comply with the EN 771-1 building construction standard.
Our ring kiln burns at temperatures of up to 1,200° C.
Through continual improvements to recipes and the firing processes, the ring kiln clinker continues to be an innovative and desirable product.
The tunnel-kilns commonly used
in today’s brick manufacturing deliver the advantages of signifi- cantly increased production and
a higher degree of automation. Unfortunately the trade-off is a reduction in the intensity and vari- ation of colours because tunnel- kilns cannot fire at the extreme temperatures necessary to produce these unique characteristics.
The ring kiln is characterized by its great fuel economy due to the cooling of the fired brick with fresh air, which is thus preheated for combustion. The combus- tion gases are used to preheat the freshly placed slabs. - The ring kiln is one of the most eco- nomical firing units of all.
    Through our commitment to quality control and in- novation we guarantee an exceptional product.
Longevity, value reten- tion, excellent thermal insulation and natural fire protection.
Process principle:
Continuous firing operation in a self-contained firing chan- nel, firing from above through the furnace roof.
The ring kiln is characterised by the stationary setting of the bricks with circulating fire.

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