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Raw material/clay
Our clinkers are made exclusively from high-quality raw materials such as loam and clay.
Water is added to obtain a homogeneous mass.
Loess loam, which produces the traditional red brick, is extracted from our own quarry which is situ- ated next to the production halls. We strive to minimalise our inter- vention in nature as much as pos- sible. In the quarried areas where clay walls have been created, we
An extensive range of recipes is used to produce the varied colours and characteristics our clinkers display after burning.
Firstly the clay is crushed and ground by heavy rotat- ing blades. Water is added to facilitate the mixing.
The clay mixture is then trans- ported along conveyor belts to the pan grinder – a machine similar to a large coffee grinder.
have established an or- chard and natural habitat for rear animal species.
To reduce our water usage we recycle the water used in produc- tion. It is collected, cleaned via
a system of filtration and sedi- ment tanks, and then re-used.
Further crushing and melding occurs. It is crucial at this stage for the mixture to achieve the correct moisture content.
Finally the prepared clay is fed into one of two shaping machines – the extruder or the water-struck press.
In the company‘s own quarry, the loess loam is removed to produce the clinker and is premixed volumetrically.

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