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  Water-struck clinkers
The water-struck clinker is our new product. It resembles a hand made brick.
In 2014 we installed the water- struck press. Since then our prod- uct range has been extended by a variety of water-struck clinkers.
We are nearly the only manu- facturer to combine the special water-struck surface features with the characteristics achieved by a ring kiln firing. The re-
sults speak for themselves.
The procedure of the water struck press is as follows:
The loam-clay mixture is homog- enized relatively moist until the mass reaches the desired plas- ticity. The mass is then added
to the Single-shaft mixer of
the water stroke press. At this point, the mass is compacted and then pressed into empty moulds of the mould-table.
The moulds were first sprayed with water nozzles, so that the mass can now be pressed out of the moulds by the punch. By this punching out the stones get an uneven, rough and very natural surface, which is charac- teristic for water-struck stones.
The still very moist slaps land on a conveyor belt. Here they are set up by a turning device and finally transferred onto wooden slats for the drying stage.

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