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 Stacking the dried blanks into the chambers ready for firing is a skilled and technical exercise. Difffferent setting methods are used for difffferent clinker finishes and the staffff who load the kilns are experienced tradespeople.
Our master burner closes the
kiln doors and controls the fir-
ing, in line with our varied firing recipes which have been perfected for over one hundred years.
S S o o m m e e p p r ro o d d u u c c t t r r a a n n g g e e s s a a r re e e e n n - - hanced by the addition of salt or hard coal during the burning. These additives create impressive colour variations or distinctive markings, burns and stains on the bricks.
After a cooling period of several days the fired clinkers are removed from the kiln by hand. Each brick is checked for quality control.
We would be happy to arrange a tour of our ring-furnace and factory for you, and to answer any questions about production.

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