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  Prefabricated lintels and sections
Every client who builds with brick should consider how the brick lintels will be structured.
       Traditionally lintels were produced as arches and were erected on site. Today, builders can choose to use prefabricated brick lintels and at- tach them using a system of galva- nised stainless steel shelf brackets bolted to the supporting frame.
The decision to employ prefab- ricated lintels is made primar-
ily on the basis of visual aspects. The factory assembled lintels
are constructed to meld seam- lessly with the rest of the brick structure so no hint of the sepa- rately constructed lintel is detect- able in the finished structure.
A number of manufacturers pro- duce the brickwork lintels and
we would be happy to supply the contact details of the special-
ist companies we recommend.
The above photos illustrate how prefabricated lintels are attached to the building struc- ture using steel shelf angles.
image source: fa. bauwerk, mönchengladbach

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