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We would be pleased to send you brick samples, or sample boards, for a specific project
Obviously you would get the best impression of our product range, and the greatest understanding of how ring-kiln clinkers differ from other bricks, if you were able to visit our factory and show- room. There we could respond
to your individual questions and discuss your construction ideas.
However this is not always possible so we offer a range of alternatives.
Our sales representatives are happy to visit you on site for a consultation, or we can send you a sample box of bricks. Please re- member however, that the limited number of bricks in a selection cannot demonstrate the varia- tions or vitality of an assortment.
We are also happy to provide you with reference addresses where you can view a building made of a particular product.
Please feel free to contact us for an estimate or a quote.
In order to prepare a quote we need the following information: your contact details, the con- struction site’s address, the brick product(s) you have chosen, the brick format, the square meters of clinker surface, and the ap- proximate date construction will commence. We can then pro- vide you with the prices for each
product, as well as delivery dates, freight costs and general infor- mation on our clinker bricks.
When the quote is delivered we will also supply our order and deliv-
ery terms and conditions. These contain all the necessary informa- tion to ensure your order, delivery, unloading etc. runs smoothly.

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