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   Tender documents
Templates and samples
Should you require a tender document for a particular con- struction project we would be pleased to supply one, together with all the necessary informa- tion and recommendations.
  Ludwig Mies van der Rohe:
»Any material is only worth, what we make of it.«
  CE–marking ...
... and declarations of performance (DoP)
We can supply our CE-marking and a Declaration of Performance (DoP) for every prod-
uct assortment.
These documents provide a full range of technical information on the products, such as water, absorption, bulk density, toler- ance ranges for dimensions etc.
If you have any further ques- tions please do not hesitate to contact us in person at the Gillrath factory, or by phone.
We are also happy to provide test certificates for clinker prod- ucts including facing brick,
split bricks and brick slips.

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