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 Customised products
Masonry ornamentation and shaped bricks
Two heads are better than one.
If you are planning some form
of masonry ornamentation or highlights for your project please contact us to discuss your needs.
In addition to our wide range of facing bricks we also produce ‘shaped bricks’ for non- standardised buildings, and
a variety of formats.
If your requirements fall out- side our standard product range we can engage with you to de- velop a customised product.
  We are constantly developing new products to meet the individual needs of our customers.
We respond to the individual wishes and ideas of our custom- ers and implement them is the best possible way. At Gillrath,
our creativity and constant focus on our customer’s requirements translates to continual innovation within our ceramic brick range.
The bricks illustrated above are
an example of this. They were customised a German insurance company’s corporate headquarters.
The assortment has since been included in our Premium range.

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