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 Creating history with clinkers
For more than 100 years we have been facilitating people’s desires to create a unique house or structure – with customised clinker bricks that are unmistakable in hue, form and vitality.
As the last working ring-kiln in North Rhine- Westphalia, and consequently one of the few remaining ring-kiln companies in Ger- many and Europe, we offer niche prod-
ucts in the form of our ring-kiln clinker facing bricks and clinker brick slips.
We strive to produce the best qual- ity hard-fired bricks, using unmodified soils sourced from our own quarry.
Ring-kiln clinkers impress – not only be- cause of their superior quality, but also their distinctive visual characteristics. Their ex- pressiveness, created through the natural variety of colours and shapes, make every façade something special. Our bricks are hand-sorted and checked for flaws at every production step by our experienced staff.
We are proud of the developments and ad- ditions we have made to our product range over recent years. We have introduced a significantly greater variety of product col- ours, tones and format sizes, and this – under- pinned by our proven expertise in manufactur- ing spectacular clinker bricks - makes us the right partner for your next façade design.

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