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 Individual burnings for the restoration of existing historical buildings
Finding suitable clinker bricks for the restoration or refurbishment of an his- toric building is no easy task.
However, this is easier to achieve when the manufacturing process is the same as that of the original material. Our century-old ring-kiln is, therefore, ideally suited for the production of clinker bricks to match an historic fa├žade.
Over many years we have demonstrated our expertise in developing bricks for restoration projects. Some of the better-known examples we have been involved in are the Zeche Zollver- ein, the Rheinhallen in Cologne and the mod- ernisation of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
In this line of work the following always applies: we work collaboratively with each customer until we have created the brick that will deliver the right result.
we present:
extruded clinker
  for restoration

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