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Overview of all documents

CE-Kenn­zeich­nung & Leistungs­erklärung

For CE markings and performance declarations for individual products, please inquire by e-mail or phone, specifying the product name.

Product & Processing Information

Standard Shaped Bricks Program

DE | Status: Aug. 2022, 4MB

Clinker Processing Instructions

DE | Status: Oct. 2022, 1MB

Clinker Brick Slips Processing Instructions

DE | Status: Oct. 2022, 0.5MB

Book, Brochures & Flyers

Architecture Book »Edition IV«

DE | 160 pages, 19.1MB

»Our Classics - Extruded Clinker Tradition«

DE | 40 pages, 5.1MB

Sustainability & Circular Economy in Gillrath Clinker Factory

DE | 9-page Flyer, 3.4MB

General Information

Terms & Conditions, Order, Delivery & Payment Conditions

DE | Status: Oct. 2022, 0.4MB

Environmental Product Declaration for Facing Bricks and Clinkers

Information from the Federal Association of the German Brick Industry e.V.
Status: 20.03.2023, 1.2MB