Klinker & Ziegelwerk

Ein Klinker ist ein Bauedelstein

Fritz Höger, Architekt

Wo echte Konstruktion auf echte Inhalte trifft, entstehen echte Werke

Mies van der Rohe, Architekt

  • GRZiegeleiGillrath_0479 (2)
  • Münster Objekt 5 - 2013 (4)
  • NF handform rot-blau-bunt
  • Stadtvilla Recklinghausen - 2013 (4)
  • Produktgruppe Premium
  • 4254-09
  • Wohnquartier New York in Düsseldorf – Pempelfort der MSM MEYER SCHMITZ-MORKRAMER RHEIN GMBH

Extrusion brick or water struck bricks

See what defines your style

Extruding press clinker brick

Our most common product is the extruded brick. Customers can chose from plain, sanded or handmade textures. A particular range of coloured bricks is produced for each type of clay mix used, extending the variety available to customers. The most popular option is the extreme coal-combusted brick from the exclusive Jaco GR-series.

'water-struck' clinker brick

Our newest product is the ‘water-struck’ clinker brick which resembles hand-beaten stone, and due to the specific manufacturing process the brick has an irregular appearance. Water-struck brick displays softer edges and corners than extruded brick and the water streaks give it a distinct look.  Our product selection is significantly greater because the  Rhenish ring kiln allows for innovation and creativity in production. This provides an opportunity to create unique products. The water-struck clinker is typically chosen for buildings in development areas or for renovating purposes.

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