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Refurbishment bricks

from the Rheinische Ring Kiln

Extend the life of the clinker façade

through professional refurbishment with matching bricks

Brick façades, exposed to sunlight and weather conditions for decades, darken over time and develop their own patina.

When you want to refurbish your existing façade, it is often difficult to find a matching brick for repair and adaptation.

With our ring kiln, we have the ability to produce individual brick firings that can be well integrated into an existing building.

Feel free to contact us about this.

Refurbishment bricks
from the ring kiln

Brick matching

We find the right ring kiln brick for your existing façade

Are you looking for a brick that exactly matches your masonry? To find the right brick for your façade, we use a so-called “brick matching” process.

We need some pictures of your existing façade and the dimensions of the bricks in advance. Based on the pictures, we identify the characteristics and determine the decisive criteria together with you. In the best case, we can recommend a suitable brick from our range.

If no suitable brick can be found and/or it is a special project with a certain order volume, we can also offer you a test firing. In general, this offer is aimed at refurbishment projects that relate to the entire façade.

Rheinhallen Cologne – Column with existing brickwork and renovated area

existing brickwork in upper part – smooth & sanded bricks

Preservation of the existing structure by exchanging bricks with adapted firings from STP Tradition sanded & STP Tradition smooth red.

of historical existing buildings

through individual firings
from the ring kiln

We are not afraid of listed façades either. Projects that have already been implemented include the Zeche Zollverein in Essen, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Friedrich-Ebert-Höfe in Hamburg, and the Rheinhallen in Cologne.

to the restoration objects (DE only)

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